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Marketing has pretty much been around forever in one form or another. Since the day when humans first started trading whatever it was that they first traded, marketing was there. Marketing was the stories they used to convince other humans to trade. Humans have come a long way since then, (Well, we like to think we have) and marketing has too. The methods of marketing have changed and improved, and we’ve become a lot more efficient at telling our stories and getting our marketing messages out there. eMarketing is the product of the meeting between modern communication technologies and the age-old marketing principles that humans have always applied.

What is eMarketing?

Very simply put, eMarketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing principles and techniques via electronic media and more specifically the Internet. The terms eMarketing, Internet marketing and online marketing, are frequently interchanged, and can often be considered synonymous. eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet.

Why is it important?

When implemented correctly, the return on investment (ROI) from eMarketing can far exceed that of traditional marketing strategies. Whether you’re a “bricks and mortar” business or a concern operating purely online, the Internet is a force that cannot be ignored. It can be a means to reach literally millions of people every year. It’s at the forefront of a redefinition of way businesses interact with their customers.

eMarketing is the process of marketing a brand using the Internet. Whether your business is purely an online entity, a “clicks and mortar” hybrid or a traditional business taking its first tentative steps into the digital realm, our team of marketers will guide you in formulating the most appropriate Internet marketing strategy to fulfill your business objectives.

The benefits of eMarketing over traditional marketing

Reach – The nature of the internet means businesses now have a truly global reach. While traditional media costs limit this kind of reach to huge multinationals, eMarketing opens up new avenues for smaller businesses, on a much smaller budget, to access potential consumers from all over the world.

Scope – Internet marketing allows the marketer to reach consumers in a wide range of ways and enables them to offer a wide range of products and services. eMarketing includes, among other things, information management, public relations, customer service and sales. With the range of new technologies becoming available all the time, this scope can only grow.

Interactivity – Whereas traditional marketing is largely about getting a brand’s message out there, eMarketing facilitates conversations between companies and consumers. With a two-way communication channel, companies can feed off of the responses of their consumers, making them more dynamic and adaptive.

Immediacy – Internet marketing is able to, in ways never before imagined, provide an immediate impact.

Imagine you’re reading your favorite magazine. You see a double-page advert for some new product or service, maybe BMW’s latest luxury sedan or Apple’s latest iPad offering. With this kind of traditional media, it’s not that easy for you, the consumer, to take the step from hearing about a product to actual acquisition.

With eMarketing, it’s easy to make that step as simple as possible, meaning that within a few short clicks you could have booked a test drive or ordered the iPad. And all of this can happen regardless of normal office hours. Effectively, Internet marketing makes business hours 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for every week of the year.

Our Internet Marketing Services:

We offer nine primary services, from which you can pick and choose, to ensure the best possible results. These nine primary services are:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): We all know of the awesome potential available online, but this potential will go unfulfilled if users simply cannot find your site. SEM is important to almost any online campaign. Comprised of balance between SEO and PPC tactics, SEM is an essential marketing tactic and arguably the biggest emerging marketing avenue established within the last decade.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is the process of getting a website to achieve top rankings for its chosen key phrases on the search engines without paying for these rankings. With daily search volumes in the hundreds of millions, and searchers in “goal mode”, this is a tactic that cannot be ignored.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Buying sponsored adverts on search engine results pages and content pages while only paying for those ads on a performance basis, i.e. when they are clicked on, has proven to be an exceptionally cost-effective online marketing strategy because you only pay when it works!

Online Advertising: Its broad impact is unmatched and with a completely measurable ROI, the sales value can not be disregarded.

Affiliate Marketing: Is like a combination of PPC and Online Advertising. In simple terms, it involves getting affiliated websites to display your adverts, with payment based only on performance (usually a commission on sales generated).

Viral Marketing: Word of mouth in an electronic context. Using the connectedness of the Internet to build brand awareness and grow subscriber lists.

WebPR: Allows online PR tactics to reach their full potential because the brand gets to travel to so many places, continuously linking back to your site.

Email Marketing: Allows you to build relationships with your target market as well as those who don’t convert. This way you can communicate with them over time rather than losing them all together.

Conversion Optimization: Fundamental eMarketing, such as site development, SEO, emailing, PPC and WebPR effectively maintain your presence online. Our Conversion Optimization service adds to and enhances these tactics through the process of traffic analysis and optimization to turn more visitors into consumers.

Social Media: In an age of Consumer Generated Media, Social Media has a powerful role to play when it comes to marketing your brand online.

Online Reputation Management (ORM): A vital component to maintaining and growing any brand online, ORM empowers you to know exactly what is being said about your brand on the Internet so you can engage and protect your reputation. ORM is an essential ingredient in any PR campaign.

These eMarketing tactics operate holistically and our satisfied clients are a testament to the success of the eMarketing services we offer. At EgyArts eMarketing, we will use all the knowledge and resources that we’ve acquired over the years, to craft an appropriate eMarketing strategy to meet the goals that your business needs to achieve.

If you are interested in employing any of these tactics and are intrigued by the positive impact they will have on your ROI, please contact us now.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are the source of the vast majority of sales traffic. There are millions of searches being performed at any given moment, and not being visible via search engines does little to help your site. Search Engine Marketing involves using a combination of paid and organic, or natural, search tactics and serves to bring in traffic to your site. Using a variety of tactics, our team creates a strategy unique to each campaign.

Comprised of Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEM is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic.

Pay Per Click Advertising

The sponsored adverts listed at the top and to the right of the search engine results pages (SERPs) are the PPC results. The Search engine displays the ads in response to the initial search query and the advertiser only pays once the ads are clicked on. This makes PPC an efficient way of advertising, even for smaller businesses.
Learn more about PPC advertising and how EgyArts can apply it to your holistic marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Using simple principles to create a logical information structure, SEO is all about layering your content in such a way that it makes sense for automated search engine spiders and is easy to digest by human users.
Get a broader view of EgyArts SEO services and the way they can benefit your eMarketing efforts.

Using PPC and SEO together, can have a big impact on your SERPs. PPC often breeds immediate success, but SEO is an ongoing process which requires a keen eye and hands on tactics. This is where we step in.

Get in touch with the EgyArts team for more information on the SEM services we offer.

Mobile Marketing

Much like the way the Internet changed the face of modern media, mobile technology has shifted our perspective on
communication, business, marketing and advertising.

Mobile technology and consumer trends allow for the following 7 unique benefits of Mobile Marketing:

  • Mobile devices are personal.
  • Always carried.
  • Always on/stand-by.
  • Include a built-in payment system.
  • Available at the point of inspiration.
  • Great for tracking and analytics.
  • Captures social context of media consumption.

Being innovators and explorers in the mobile field, EgyArts  holistic eMarketing solutions have included mobile capabilities since the beginning of 2010. Our team of tried and tested partners ensure that our infrastructures and underlying technologies are running optimally.

Mobile Marketing: Reaching the Mobile Audience

Be it via SMS, MMS, USSD, Bluetooth, mobile website development or mobile Social Media – EgyArts approach to Mobile Marketing allows you to engage with a broad market and address your target market through simplistic and effective methods. Think about it – how many people do you know who don’t have mobile phones?

Our Mobile Marketing tactics go beyond simple static campaigns. The many multimedia-capable phones out there and our in-depth understanding of mobile usage means that public are walking around with creative instruments in their pockets, just waiting to be part of your crafty interactive campaign.

Designed to complement your current eMarketing Strategy, Mobile Marketing is a cost-effective, direct and engaging medium that deserves exploration.

Contact EgyArts now to get your Mobile Marketing on track!

Social Media

Using Consumer Generated Media (CGM) and Social Networking platforms such as blogs, Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, YouTube and Twitter – Social Media Marketing allows you to spread your branded message to the world.

For the best results, EgyArts encourages direct interaction between the many various Social Media platforms. Brands and consumers can communicate in an open, honest and personal arena, which strengthens your company’s presence online and drives traffic to your website. Mediocre engagement doesn’t breed success – Social Media is about capturing your markets attention and interest and softly utilizing it to maximum value.

Why Should you Care?

Online media allows for direct feedback, making finding your audience is much easier. Getting their location and demographic right is vital and they are all on social networking sites. Are you maximizing on engagement, or simply shooting the breeze?

Just How Does Our Company Use Social Media Marketing To Get Results?

  • It’s consumer-centric – As you can interact with your consumers, you are able to understand them better while drastically improving your reputation.
  • It’s trackable – Knowing who is viewing your profile and why, allows your strategies to be even more targeted and effective.
  • It’s ongoing – Once you have set up a profile, you can experiment with what works and what doesn’t, and ultimately expand the campaign to increase web presence and transparency.
  • It’s adaptable – A Social Media campaign can be used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, even offline ones, to ensure a holistic approach that guarantees maximum ROI.

Social Media Marketing Services

From building a Facebook application to blogging, EgyArts team has been doing it for years. And we haven’t simply read the instructions; we’ve experimented with Social Media Marketing on our own brand.

With our own Twitter feed, Facebook page and blog, we know what works and what doesn’t – plus, we have the guts to try new things.

In the Greater Scheme of Things…

Social Media Marketing is multi-faceted and relies on many different things to be successful. Copy needs to be dynamic, Viral Marketing needs to be implemented and seeded, and creative Web Design is needed to ensure that your page stands out.

Social Media Marketing relies on all other eMarketing tactics and can’t be done in isolation. EgyArts has a searched the globe for experts in each area, and with a solid Social Media strategy working alongside other progressive eMarketing tactics. With 11 years of experience in holistic eMarketing and a knack for creative problem solving, you’re sure to get the most out of your online adventures.

EgyArts is proudly an authorized Google Analytics consultancy and a Google Adwords certified company.

Contact the team today to find out more about how EgyArts can use Social Media to boost your brand.

Web PR

Now that most business is conducted on the Internet, the playground of PR has moved online. WebPR allows PR to reach its fullest expression because the potential for getting your brand ‘out there’ is limitless. EgyArts offers a WebPR service in the form of online press releases and article syndication to drive traffic to your site.

EgyArts  uses various ways to market your business globally through WebPR services. Various online channels including article directories, industry related sites as well as local and international news sites are used to do this.

WebPR at EgyArts – Online Articles and Press Release Syndication

Online press releases and articles must drive traffic to your site (your website is not a fancy brochure; it is a marketing tool that needs visitors to become customers). To achieve this, press releases need to be optimized with the appropriate key phrases and links. You can increase your search engine ratings by concentrating on the various link building strategies that press releases and articles offer. The link posted at the end of a press release or feature article is a great source of driving Internet traffic to your website.

Writing articles on topics that are relevant to your website’s topic and submitting them to free content sites is a great way to effectively promote your website. EgyArts‘s online writers deliver ‘value content‘ which means it attracts links naturally. Each month we come up with a specific angle “exclusive to your business”.

In keeping with EgyArts ethos of multi-channel marketing, our WebPR department will tie in with your offline campaigns. We are not here to replace your marketing department, but to boost your company online.

We are currently the only company in Africa to be an authorized Google Analytics Consultant as well as being a Google Adwords company. With 5 years of experience in the business, you can be sure that the WebPR service we provide will be of the highest quality.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the process of measuring, monitoring and shaping conversations about your brand, on the Internet. In simple terms, it involves a 3 step process:

  • Listening to the online conversation around your brand.
  • Understanding what is being said about it and why they are saying it.
  • Interacting with your consumers to mitigate any damage to your brand that could potentially arise as a result of negative feedback about your company, product or business methods.

Why is ORM so Important?

In a world where so much communication is taking place in the digital domain and people are learning about brands and products through consumer generated media, there is a growing need to monitor and protect your online reputation.

The fact is, anyone can say anything about your staff, company or brand and get away with it. The downside of this: one complaint of bad service will travel as fast as a virus and it will negatively impact on your business.

With tens of thousands of new websites, blog posts, forums and chat rooms being created daily, businesses can no longer afford to ignore the comments of their customers. Fortunately EgyArts eMarketing offers a full Online Reputation Management service, which is vital to any public relations campaign. These services will keep you aware of how you are being portrayed online and give you invaluable advice pertaining to strategies to manage bad publicity.

The role of ORM is not only to expose the chinks in your brand’s armor but also to reveal opportunities for your company to harness the true power of the Internet. By providing you with crucial information, EgyArts ORM services will allow you to tailor your eMarketing strategies like never before.

Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing services are the most valuable of all online marketing tactics. It is extremely cost effective, can be highly targeted and customized, is measurable and best of all it takes advantage of the consumer’s most prolific touch point with the Internet, their inbox.

AtEgyArts, our progressive use of email allows you to form a virtual relationship with your existing and prospective customers. In addition, our team will help your business maximize the retention and value of these customers, ultimately leading to greater profitability. Email Marketing is all about relationship building.

EgyArts Email Marketing Process

Our portfolio of clients are super happy that our Email Marketing initiatives are managed in house on our proprietary software platform which is a complete email marketing management system built to handle even the largest and most complex of campaigns.

We are proudly the only African company to be authorized as a Google Analytics consultant and a certified Google Adwords company. Contact Our Company today to find out more about Email Marketing and how our software will allow your business to communicate on a personal level with individual customers.

Online Advertising

There are two primary uses for Online Advertising, which, if utilized correctly, can be a very effective marketing tool. The first is as a brand-building medium and the second is to drive sales. Our Company eMarketing can professionally manage your online advertising budget, giving you measurable results and quantified return on investment.

If response or immediate sales are your objectives then a measurable Internet advertising plan becomes a powerful marketing weapon. By calculating precise figures (cost per customer) for acquiring customers through different forms of Internet advertising, our team will ensure that your online advertising budget is spent in the most efficient and productive manner possible. This is in stark contrast to offline advertising, which has always been governed by Lord Leverhume’s famous quote

I know half my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half.

Advantages of Using EgyArts as your Online Advertising Agency

With an Internet advertising plan in place, we will know precisely which efforts are driving sales and which are not and we will refine your campaign accordingly.

Using Online Adverting as a brand-building tool is an entirely different kettle of fish. Measuring the effectiveness of an Internet brand-building campaign has always been a difficult exercise, but with new tools, it’s fast becoming an exact science. We start by analyzing the target market’s perception before a campaign by using ORM tools. We then re-evaluate periodically in order to determine its impact.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient forms of advertising. It is also a management service offered by Our Company eMarketing. Affiliate marketing is the concept of empowering other business websites and Internet users to market your business to a new user base. It costs you nothing to place your advertising banners and links on another website (once they agree to become an affiliate!) and it costs the affiliate nothing to advertise your business – they can only earn!

You pay these ‘affiliates’ a commission only once a sale or lead has been generated, and it’s up to you how the commission is structured. You (the merchant) set the parameters. By rewarding affiliates with an incentive based on their performance, they will send far greater volumes of potential customers to your site.

There is huge potential to advertise; it is endless! Once you have set it up, it just grows exponentially. As long as the leads come in, the more you will be earning. Affiliate Marketing is an incredibly inexpensive way to grow your business.

Achieving success when it comes to Affiliate Marketing requires careful planning from the outset as well as ongoing management throughout the campaign. AtEgyArts  we have experience in managing affiliate campaigns that deliver results.

Viral Marketing

The word ‘viral’, dangerously close to ‘virus’ sounds like something you’d rather avoid. Nevertheless, a virus is something that grows exponentially in the right environment and that is the point of ‘viral marketing’. It takes your message and powerfully and quickly spreads it across the Internet, just like the age-old concept of “word-of-mouth“, but in an electronic context. Any marketer worth his salt knows that referrals are the most powerful marketing tool available. Viral marketing extends this into the digital domain by harnessing the electronic connectivity of individuals to spread your message.

EgyArts can help you put the correct ‘viral marketing’ strategy into place, targeting various individuals that are guaranteed to pass on your marketing message to others. As your message spreads like a virus, rapidly multiplying, it will grow in exposure and influence.

EgyArts can develop infectious viral marketing strategies focusing on building your brand image whilst creating a ‘controlled’ list of qualified prospects with whom your company can communicate. Before long your brand name will be piggy-backing on previously unknown email lists. Contact us today for a super-hot viral strategy. Viral marketing can unleash a return on investment that will surprise any brand, that’s why it’s referred to as “creating a buzz”.

Does your company need the services of EgyArts?

We’re here to help – So contact us now!

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization adds to and enhances the rest of the eMarketing services offered at EgyArts and is an essential service for any company wanting to take their website to the highest level of efficiency, effectivity and productivity. AtEgyArts , we believe that increasing your conversion rate is key for any website to out-perform its competitors. Conversion Optimization is a two phase process which is made up of Analyzing the collaborative effect of your eMarketing efforts and Optimizing their effect in turning visitors into customers

Phase One: Analyze

Usability – Listening labs are conducted according to best practices in order to determine the response and click paths of “real” visitors to the site, which allows for an insight into the behavior of the target market to the site.

Website stats – This involves the setup of advanced site stats that analyze in detail the behavior on the site. Funnel analysis is key as it indicates the common click-paths in the site.

Cross-service ROI tracking – Cross-service ROI tracking compares the effectiveness of each of the eMarketing services to determine where to focus optimization in order to get visitors to a goal page.

Split testing – Split testing involves creating a hypothesis and testing it by randomly sending visitors to either option in a statistically equal manner, and measuring which has the best conversion rate. Split tests can become more advanced as the number of options increase.

Multivariate testing – Multivariate testing is a more advanced, in that it takes a number of different options for particular elements on a page and then creates a number of pages equal to the product of those options and elements. After which each combination is tested.

Other measurable – eMarketing is highly measurable, and many services produce valuable data that must be taken into account. These include PPC data, banner advertising statistics and affiliate tracking.

Phase Two: Optimize

Each conversion process from attracting the first click to landing on the goal page can be seen as a series of steps, each one with its own drop-off in clicks.

Reducing this drop-off by page redesigns and usability improvements is the primary goal here. After the research conducted in the Analysis Phase of Conversion optimization changes are made incrementally on the site in question, and the results are again measured, a process that repeats iteratively as corrections are made and conversion rates increase.

A variety of techniques are employed to improve conversion rates, depending on the area being improved. For example, a better landing page may improve the step between a PPC click and adding a product to a cart. Other more general usability factors such as menu design and font size are also taken into account and modified if necessary.

Overall, an increase in conversion rate of 25% to 50% is not uncommon, and the optimization continues to pay dividends long after the work has been done.

Conversion Optimization is an advanced service, requiring a wide range of skills and a deep understanding of the internet. As the marketplace gets ever more competitive (at internet speed) with increased online spending, so the need to maximize every click becomes essential.

Akram Moftah

General Manager


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