Before Social Media Websites and direct interaction we needed sales personals and expensive ads in both newspapers and TV to laterally throw them in the market and the only feedback we can get is the customer base that contacted us as interested but in process we lose in the way the huge base of low level interested lead that we can convert it to actual clients and done deal projects easily.

That is why the internet gave us the powerful tools and skills to custom each deal as the targeted audience each one per it own case as customized needs around the services/products you are welling to offer, as the continues feedback and questions from the clients\audience base can always give you the opportunity to either research or develop your ways to cover much more market share in the exact kind of customers you are aiming for.

“Social Media users seek real time engagement and some businesses find it challenging to be available on the social networks at the times their
target audiences are expressing their wants and needs

Here I can start explaining how you can Save Time & Money by marketing in the right direction and to the right kind of market you are targeting

Use customers input to confidently determine which services to keep and which to cut.

  • Use better marketing and promotion to tell folks about what you’ve already got.
  • Save time by creating quick tutorials or videos.
  • Make your website work for all it’s worth.
  • Make as many as social media platform BUT manage them daily.

Finally it would be important to explain how technology was much effective and easy to reach by all users and customers you are targeting, Imagine at 2 am one of your potential clients is surfing his Facebook account doing nothing and for a sec you already shared a post with the creative content to attract his eyes to read the exact  marketing message that attracted his need in your Service\Product first thing he will continue reading to find out more info he will start searching your website for more answers then he will try to contact your staff for more info about his exact need around 10 to 20 minutes of self educating process about your brand and services through a small effective post he went through all your online platform beside what studies said about more than 80% of the users log from their mobile phone after the long day of work or any other life activities therefore you are giving the right message in the time that the recipient is welling to hear because his need moving him to read more about your brand is much better than your staff trying to feed him the message in the normal 9 to 5 business day. 

“Target your audience at their best time to hear you better than spending time and money to send messages that can be easily ignored because simply it’s in the Wrong both time and form”

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