“It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers you must delight them“

The best way to approach your clients is having their trust. Simply it’s the most valuable thing you will ever earn in your whole career or industry, as trust will equal success, sustainability, creativity and development.

A good and long relationship between your company and the clients will always be your top priority, specially when your clients have the upper hand in the loud market by the social media tools and the sharing power, as it always worries you it can also be a very powerful tool to sustain your relationship with your clients and the secret is their trust where we can define it through many levels according to the time you need to earn it.

People respect professional entities and persons then they directly trust them, so first thing to do is looking professional. you have to brand your company in the best way your budget can offer as the first impression will always lead to a level of trust comparing the kind of Services\products you are offering and how it looks, your audience now is well educated by the market itself and also your nearest competitors. starting with a professional logo can send – in a matter of seconds – a small message about your company till the last detail in your Service/Products, the eyes have the first judgment tool to decide your first impression you have to equal your Services/Products with how it looks related of course to your targeted segmentation this is the first step to “Success”.

Next you have to prove how different your company is from the rest of the market by providing the best Services/Products in your field and yet even better is to provide some kind of unique secrets to collect a loyal client share, where it guarantee a long win/win relationship between you and your clients or in one word “Sustainability”, to earn it fast and effectively you need to send direct messages easy to understand and that can be done by a direct approach with your clients in the social media and your website, because you have to hear your clients needs first before promising them with a solution.

Whenever information changes in the market, the needs follow it. You have to use what you’ve heard from your clients to “Develop” your company to rise above the competition adding more value to your clients to keep choosing you above any other choice. this can easily provide you new ways to reach them closer by hearing their needs, it’s more like being “Creative”, creativity can guarantee you a powerful relation between you and the market both ways above your competitors and directly with your clients, and that’s what we call “Trust“.

“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers“

Red Quotes by
Philip Kotler

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